Oracle Comics is a place for webcomics made by me (Irene Roga).

Everything began with a story I created inspired by the japanese animations I watched on tv when I was a child. Today I’ve drawn some comics for magazines, comic books, contests and webcomics. My main project is Kýriade, a comic that I’m publishing on-line since 2012.


Who am I:


Irene, living in Sevilla, Spain, freelance comic artist and illustrator.

My biggest passion is making comics, what I do since I was a child. I published my first comics professionally in 2001. Since then I’ve worked for several companies and published comics and illustrations in Spain and USA.

I like music, though I can’t sing and don’t know playing some instrument, so I just listen to it. This is my ever pending task.
I love classic movies, reading books and being with friends. And I adore birds. If you want to see me happy, send me gifs and photos of fluffy birds.

My portfolio: Ireneroga.com

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