This year my webcomic has been nominated again to participate in the ☆ GMI Global Manga Awards

The awards are awesome!:

  1. WINNER – Awarded a production-donation of $3000
    AND the animation of the winner webcomic as a motion comic with music and japanese voices!
  2. RUNNER-UP – Awarded a production-donation of $1500
  3. HONORABLE MENTION – Awarded a production-donation of $500


☆ You can help me to win some of the prizes voting for Kyriade in the Heart cathegory ☆


The website has been completely modified and the voting method has changed to avoid the possible intervention of bots ;)

You only have to subscribe to the website once, and then you’ll be able to vote in the next phases of the contest.


star_iconpPlace your vote HERE star_iconp


There are a lot of awesome participants and the website is awesome, the site owner is an entusiast of webcomics and he’s working so hard to make of this one of the most important online comic contest that exist now.

Thank you so much!