About The Story

A new holy war between light and darkness is coming. The god Kyrios will send his five sacred warriors to the Earth. But in the beginning, they’ll be just normal children, and they’ll have to learn to fight, to grow up and to survive.

Kyriade is the story of five children, born with the mission of saving the world in the future. The story is focused on the personal issues of each one. You will know how they’re living their lifes under the certainty that, one day, they’ll have to become warriors. They know it from the beginning, they’re special and different, and though they try to have the most ordinary life they can, that’s not always easy… or even possible.

Each child will be born in a different place of the world. You’ll meet them one by one in each chapter, their masters, their qualities, their strengths and problems.


Also, Kyriade is a story about personal and spiritual growth. The conexion with energies through the meditation, ethereal beings, mythological characters, magic and different traditional cultures. Everything is mixed so you have a wonderful journey.